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TWIG (1 Pack)

The Botanic Alternative that can satisfy like a cigarette, but with No Tobacco, No Nicotine, and No Smoke.
From $0.89

TWIG (3 Pack)

Novus Paper Twig in a resealable ZIP-LOCK pouch! 100% Natural Flavors.
From $2.50

TWIG (3 Pack) with Tobacco Base Flavoring

Novus 100% paper Twig with Tobacco flavoring applied as part of the base with our patented BotanicBoost biotechnology.
From $2.50

eTwig - Electronic Disposable (1 pack)

The electronic version, eTwig by NovusĀ® in Disposable Singles. Available in a variety of 13 refreshing flavors.
From $8.99

eTwig - Variety Sampler Pack

eTwig Variety Sampler Pack is designed to allow the customer to choose their flavors at a Discounted Price.
From $20.99

Novus® Bundle Pack (1 eTwig + 3 Twig)

The convenient NovusĀ® Bundle Pack includes 1 eTwig & 3 Twigs. Vapor and vapor-less options in a handy combination for all occasions.
From $10.35

TWIG eLiquid

BotanicBoost patented nicotine alternative biotechnology for Tank Mods/eCig Systems in 30 ml bottles.
From $40.00

TWIG eCartridges

5 cartridges per box (eGo and 510 threading compatible). Switch away from your existing nicotine cartridges to a healthy nicotine-FREE alternative.
From $25.00
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