Monatlicher Archiv: Januar 2014

Industry Related Information…

There are many organizations, both within governmental agencies, and within non-governmental organizations, that just like Sentiens, have an interest or focus on dealing with addictions. Listed below is a representative sampling of the most significant organizations in general and for each addiction area. GENERAL U.S. Food and Drug Administration – National Institute of Health […]

Why Nicotine is So Addictive

Physically addictive, more accurately physically dependent, is when your body begins to depend on the presence of a particular substance for its physical well being. It’s begun compensating its normal processes to adjust for the new artificial normal. The sudden absence of that substance won’t allow enough time for the body to compensate without the […]

Tobacco Related Information

There are various organizations and entities available that together form a rich resource of information.  Listed below are some that we found to be particularly beneficial: TOBACCO American Lung Association American Heart Association America Cancer Society American Association for Cancer Research Online Guide to Quit Smoking World Lung Foundation World Tobacco Atlas Society for Research […]

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