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BotanicBoost BioTechnology.

BotanicBoost® is the proprietary technology behind the product development program at Sentiens, which is incorporated into the NX and Twig®, as well as other products currently under joint development.

Our platform technology allows us to create specially formulated mixtures of naturally occurring ingredients that when combined can activate receptors in the central nervous system sending signals to the brain that trigger reflexes in the body.

Our science is based on peer reviewed 3rd party research that proved that nicotine cravings can be satisfied through approaches not including nicotine or drugs, and that relief can help in the process of trying to reduce smoking, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

The process by which BotanicBoost® works is through a fundamental function of the sensory system called “Chemesensation”, which is distinguished from other more well known functions of the sensory system such as taste and smell.

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Reduced Toxicity Filter BioTechnology.

NX uses a patented reduced toxicity filter technology that is FDA approved for biomedical use and proven to reduce carbon monoxide and other harmful particles in cigarette smoke.

The patented biotechnology has been independently tested to show an average reduction in mutagenicity of 52% compared to a standard acetate filter.  It was also tested to show an average reduction in carbon monoxide of 23% compared to a standard filter.

NX’s reduced toxicity filters combines a standard acetate filter segment with a segment treated with the specialized dye treated with the chemical compounds.  Our reduced toxicity filter was tested in comparison to a standard filter, both of which were attached to a regular light smoking cigarette for purposes of testing.  The testing showed ADDITIONAL reduction by 52% in mutagenicity and ADDITIONAL 23% in carbon monoxide compared to a standard acetate filter, yet did not affect the flavor or performance.

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